New York improv team: Kickable Dog

If you're lost you can look and you will find me...time after time. Kickable Dog is a long-form improv group born of trial and strife in the darkest recesses of the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center. Kickable Dog traces its roots back to the famed troupe, "A Perifhable Breed of Pupf," a community improv group formed in 1765 by a cadre of young Virginia lawyers and planters, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Patrick Henry and "Slapadoodle" Kagney J. Waxbone.* *Stage name of John Marshall. Kickable Dog, now in its 26th decade, consists of: Tran Dinh, Billy Florio, Megan Lohne, Rocco Marrongelli, Jeff Miller and Kassia Miller. Kickable Dog has trained together since October 2009 and began performing independently in venues throughout New York City in March 2010. Kickable Dog occasionally produces romantic comedies. Kickable Dog has performed at The Creek and the Cave, Under St. Marks Place, Gotham City Improv, Parkside Lounge, Urban Stages, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Triple Crown, The Magnet, The Living Theatre, Angels & Kings, and your mom's house. We think our coach is starting to secretly like us. They've taken part in The Creek's "Up The Creek" Festival, The Del Close Marathon's Indie Cage Match, UCBW Cage Match, The Creek's Arena, and The Magnet's "Inferno". Starting in November they will have a monthly show at The Creek & The Cave the first Sunday of every month at 6 PM.